Guest Lectures – Deadline Studios & Horus Music

as part of business we have had three guest lectures one of which i missed due to Owen trying to kill me…………….but anyway. In this post i am going to talk about both of the lectures i was able to attend


the first guest lecture was by adam ellis from deadline studios  first Adam explained about how he got into being an engineer / producer he said that it came about from being in a band and that the bands label helped him to get started (because they could use the studio) adam went on to say that a lot of his success has been some what down to luck

adam then when on to talk about some of the perils and pitfalls that he had come across other the years.

he told us about a dry spell he had for about a year where he was struggling to get clients in to the studio he partly blamed this on the fact that he was having website trouble at the time and the fact that people a able to make full albums on a laptop in there bed room. so to combat this he started to do one hour taster sessions to show new clients what he could to in a short space of time. he did go on to say that after the website problem was taken care of things picked up again at the studio.

adam also talked about the psychology that goes in to being a producer and how he talks to clients without being to harsh if they are singing flat or not playing something as well as they could or if there musical ability is not that good over all, he also told us that he has played on a lot of his clients recordings and how he asked them to credit him for the work he did on the recordings as well as producing, he also said that a lot of the clients that he gets now are some what rough musically he accounts this to the fact that a lot of good musicians are producing there own music at home and not using big studios

here is a list of things that i took from the talk that if your a studio owner you may want to keep in mind

  1. its best not to spend money when you don’t have it
  2. have a rainy day fund just in case you get a dry spell
  3. make sure your studio looks nice (so not like a bomb has hit it)
  4. have space for you clients to park there car/van if you can
  5. find ways that the studio space can make extra income (eg rehearsal rooms)
  6. empathy with your clients is very important
  7. musicians will expect you to be a magician when it comes to being editing
  8. having a second income like a part time job maybe a good plan


the second was from Horus Music this was more of a sales pitch than a lecture about the role of digital distribution in the music industry, but this is what i got from what they talked about. Horus Music are involved in the digital distribution of music and have been doing it since 2006, they talked about how digital distribution has become the standard way that people listen and buy music.

they also talked about how all the steps it takes to releases music on a record label and how the profit from the sale of music is split between many different companies, they also went on to talk about how easy it is to release music when unsigned through a digital distributer and how most of the profit will make it back to the artist.

they did also say that your music needs to be of good quality (audio wise that is) so this shows that if your recording skills are not to hot it may be a good plan to go and see some one like adam ellis from deadline studios to get your songs recored well

here is a list of things that i took from the talk that if your a musician that wants distribution you may want to keep in mind

  1. good recordings (go to a good studio……trust me)
  2. good artwork for your release, good art work will catch the eye
  3. good promo from a PR company (if you can afford it that is)
  4. have good songs !!
  5. have a good online presence
  6. have a good music video

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