Who Is Grindscene Records

Grindscene Records is a one-man operation based in Northern Ireland founded by Pete Clarke in 2010. The label is dedicated to the distribution and release of underground Death Metal & Grindcore records.

Grindscene takes a DIY ethic to help establish their artists and further their career. Pete Clarke has been involved in the underground music since 1998 and in this time has gained experience that has afforded him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by upcoming and established artists.

His knowledge of the industry, coupled with an awareness of the international metal scene means that Grindscene Is well placed to contribute to the metal scene in a significant way.

The label is responsible for bring cerebral bore one of the most popular bands on the Earache Records roster to public attention

Currently the label roster includes

Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration, Cancerous Womb, Foetal Juice, Basement Torture Killings, Flayed Disciple, & Foul Body Autopsy,


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