How do Grindscene Records distribute their releases?

How do Grindscene Records distribute their releases?

Grindscene records DIY ethic is vital in how they distribute their releases

Grindscene’s online shop doesn’t just stock music from bands signed to the label but also stocks records by bands further afield. This is achieved by swapping stock with other labels in the underground all over the world. The aim of this is to help the band on the label to make a name for them selves in less familiar territory

Three labels that Grindscene trade stock with are Amputated Vein Records, (japan) Sevared Records, (USA) Rising Nemesis Records (Europe),

Grindscene also use a distribution company called Code 7. Code 7 is an independent music distributor that was established in 2005.They have a roster that contains over 350 labels crossing all genres of music, from small Indies like Grindscene to established labels and they are committed to keeping the physical product alive.

This also helps the label to distribute their current stock to a wide range of online shops while developing a vast online stock of their own.


So how does this method of distribution work ?

well its actually very simple once you understand how it all works. its very much like bartering so for example lets say Metallica and  Megadeth release albums at the same time. now lets imagine that I have 100 copies of the Metallica album and another online shop have 100 copies of the Megadeth album.

So if the other shop ask me if they can swap me 20 copies of the Megadeth album for 20 copies of the Metallica album. I would say no to that and here is why, i know for a fact that the Metallica album will sell more copies so i would say to the other online shop i will give you 10 copies of the Metallica album for 15 copies of the Megadeth album

So its not as simple as 100 copies of a CD for 100 copies of another CD because there is still money to be made from selling the albums, and if a band if more popular than another there CDs still have more value than the other bands.


So how does Code 7 work ?

well this is also rather simple a friend of mine works for Code 7 and he has told me in the past that they can get CDs in to HMV but they tend to deal more on the mail order side of things. so for instance if you live in japan you can go to the HMV japan website and look for Foul Body Autopsy you can find and order my music to your country through them.

see link below for evidence of this




2 thoughts on “How do Grindscene Records distribute their releases?

  1. This is really interesting, Tom: expand on the logistics of this swapping system? Is it literally ‘here’s a box on 100 CDs from my label and let us have 100 of yours and we’;; get them into shops’ or is it all online? How does Code 7 work: can you find out details of their deal? Physical or online or both? Will we find material in HMVs? or niche indies? What’s your experience of their distribution?

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