So how do major labels distribute there music ?

So how do major labels distribute there music ?

so after the music has gone from the imagination of the creator to a album or single how does it make its way to the hands or ears of the listener? This is called distribution and on a major label this is typically a lot easier than on small independent labels. If a band/artist is signed to a major label typically there recording, promotion, manufacturing and distribution is taken care of by the label.

For major labels having everything in-house helps them to release music easily. As the band record in the labels studio work with one of the labels producers and then the music is pressed in there own pressing plant promoted from there own PR department and distributed through there own distribution chain.

This makes releasing music for major labels incredibly easy.

Do major labels still make physical product ?

The answer to that is yes but they don’t tend to rely on it as much as they used to. now labels tend to use digital distribution like iTunes, & Google Play, they also use streaming services like Spotify. This way of distributing records is far more lucrative because it cuts down on the overheads of making physical copy’s of a record and the cost of sending CDs to shops like HMV.

In the next post about major labels i will be talking more about major labels and Spotify


2 thoughts on “So how do major labels distribute there music ?

    1. According to music industry figures in the first half of 2015 US CD sales dropped by 31.5%. Between January and June only 41 million CDs were bought in the same period in 2014 56.8 million CDs were bought. But the money lost in the decline in CD sales had been offset by the growth of streaming and downloads, streaming revenues grew 23% to reach £697m.

      So major labels have been using this to there advantage mostly just to say afloat


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