Indie Labels & Spotify / Digital Distribution

Indie Labels & Spotify / Digital Distribution

Some indie labels do use Spotify to distribute there music. This is due to it being so easy to get music on to streaming sites and music download sites like iTunes and google play. This is achieved by using services like Horus Music and Tune Core, where it can only cost $29.99 to release an album and distributed digitally all around the world for a year. Some small labels are using this as a distribution tactic due to the labels having very little money to spend on releases.

But the deal that the sites offer isn’t that good in my opinion because on some sites like Tune Core will charge more for subsequent years than the first year. So in the end you can wind up spending $160 over four years and you would have to be very popular to make that money back. So if your band is not well known you will spend more than you will make. I have found websites like band camp to be a much better way of distributing music digitally plus there are almost no middle men.

Record labels like relapse use band camp as well as Spotify to distribute and stream there artists. But they make more revenue from band camp and selling records from there online store. Relapse Records and so many others have used the fact that record sails are down as an advantage by making high quality short run records for example: The band Facebreaker releases a 7” EP called Zombie God on the label Cyclone Empire this EP was advertised as limited edition and only 666 copies where ever pressed. Another example: Voivod and Napalm Death released an 7” split EP on  century media records in 2015. This was used to promote the deathcrusher tour they where doing together the release was limited to 2.500 copies.

Black: 1200 copies (CM Distro Europe / USA)

Solid White: 300 copies (CM Mailorder USA)

Transparent Red: 700 copies (CM USA)

Neon Yellow: 300 copies (Only available from the bands at the Deathcrusher tour!)

From my experience of reassessing music this work a lot better than doing it via Digital Distribution and streaming services.


2 thoughts on “Indie Labels & Spotify / Digital Distribution

    1. No, this is in no way a niche thing to any one scene many smaller bands are using this method of pressing records. There are many small pressing plants coming up that do work for bands from all genres. Lets be honest a small pressing plan would not survive by pressing CDs for metal bands alone.

      But for many bands this is an inexpensive way to press 100 copies of a CD. For example ACD Sleeve will press you 100 CD sleeves for only £140

      If you would like to check out some of the small pressing plants that are in operation check out the links below.


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