How Well Are the Artists on Grindscene Records Treated?

How Well Are the Artists on Grindscene Records Treated?


I can only talk about my own experience from being signed to an independent record label but all I can say is that is has been pretty good for me. I have complete created control over my music, artwork, and videos. I also have control over releasing albums or EPs. The past two records I have done on Grindscene have both been EPs. This is due to the fact I find working on EPs more interesting, and a good EP will do a lot more for me and the label than a weak album ever will. Grindscene understand this and have never asked me to do a release before I feel I am ready.


Being on an indie label can been stressful at times because the budgets are a lot smaller than major label’s. Because my deal works more like a distribution deal a lot of the money for the record has to come from me rather than the label. This does work out in my favour because I get more copies of the record than the label does so as a result of this I make more money from the records. The label do sort out the distribution through code 7 they also have paid for PR in the past and they pay for the CDs for their online store. So it’s not like I am paying for everything.


On my next record that will be released on February 26th I decided to add more of my own money to the over budget. This was so that I could record in the parlour recording studio in Kettering with Neil Haynes for a week. I did this so that I could have a more professional sounding record to the previous records I have done. I also added extra money to the budget to work with Costin Chioreanu to make a completely animated video for the title track of the record. I also added money so that I could have a more professional 3 month promotional campaign with Future PR


But I am not worried about the amount of money that I have put in to this record because I wanted to spend the money on it and I know because I have more CDs than the label so if I sell all of them for £5 each I will make £2000 back. I also make limited edition t shirts to go along with the CD and over the year there will be about 4 limited edition t shirts made for the release each will be sold with a copy of the EP for £15 each and only 20 will be made of each design this will make £1200 once all have sold out.


So in the end it’s a lot more work being on an independent label but at the same time you are able to keep your independence, and not have your music messed with by a record label in order to sell more copies.


2 thoughts on “How Well Are the Artists on Grindscene Records Treated?

  1. This is an interesting post, Tom… Hyperlinking to , for example, Code 7 and Parlour would add context. The PR campaign is that a separate post? would be useful to know what that entails and how will they be measured against success? What other artists do they work with and what’s their role? If not too personal, it’d be useful to see your budget for one of your old EP (if not this release) and reference against how you arrived at the figures? and, in hindsight, did you spend wisely .. and the label’s role.. it appears to be distribution only? or do they market? how? how would it differ on a major? Good work!!


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