Work Based Learning – The Plan

The Plan 

For my work based learning, I have decided that I will be working for 60 hours on creating, recording, and releasing a new single for my solo project Foul Body Autopsy while doing this project I have had to interface with.

Russ Russell of The Parlour Recording Studios Russ Russell who was the producer and engineer on the single. Alex Benyon of Alex Benyon Photography who was the photographer who came to the studio with me to document the recording in videos and photographs. Alan O’Neill of Zonument Who created the artwork for the single.

I also interfaced with and will continue to interface with Peter Clarke who is the owner of Grindscene Records the record label that I am signed to. As well as interfacing with the record label I will also be interfacing with. Andrew Pennington of Future PR, who is the owner of Future PR who will be handling all of the public relations for the release. Dave Coia of Vile Design Who is the designer who will be creating the layout for the CDs that will be printed, And finally I will be interfacing with Giant Iron Face who will be printing all of the t-shirts for the release.

What I Want To Gain From My WBL

Get Better At Mixing

I want to learn how to make my mixes sound better, a lot of my mixes tend to sound muddy and unfocused in comparison with other mixing engineers. Two mixers I like a lot are Russ Russell and Andy Sneap. This is the reason I decided to work with Russ Russell on this project. Throughout the process of recording the single I was able to watch Russ work and ask questions about what he was doing while engineering.

Learn How To Engineer & Mix Drums Better

Learn how to engineer drums and mix drums without having to rely on sampling to make the drum sounds on the records I produce sound good. One technique that I would like to ask Russ about is filtering technique for toms. Another technique I would like to ask Russ about is his use of samples and how he creates his own from the drum kit the band is using.

Learn About Miking Up Guitar Amps 

I have always struggled when miking up guitar amps to get a sound that I am happy with, also using multiple mics has always been very confusing in regards to phasing issue and where the place the mics. This is another reason I decided to work with Russ because he is well know for using multiple mics on guitar cabs for example one time he used 5 mics on a guitar cab this technique became known as the flower of destruction.

Learn About Using Outboard Gear As Well As Plugins

I would also like to learn about using outboard gear as well as plugins in mixes, I know from watching interviews with Russ that he likes to use outboard compression on parts of the drum kit for example an UA 1176 on the head mic. I would also like to know how much more outboard gear he uses while he is producing and what he would recommend for someone starting out.

Market Research 

I would like to do some market research into what actually sells in my genre I have been told by my promo guy and the label that only album seem to sell and get good press. I was told that you can get some good press from EPs but the best way to go is to do a very good album if you want to get big in the scene. I want to see if this is true as the rest of the industry seem to rely on singles to promote artists not albums.

Make Youtube Videos (Gain Video Editing Skills)

I would like to learn how to film and edit videos that I can upload to my Youtube channel. This would be used to promote my music and hopefully daw more people to my Youtube channel. If I can gain enough subscribers I will be able to make money from the videos I upload.




3 thoughts on “Work Based Learning – The Plan

  1. OK, bear in mind I’m going back in time here, you may address issues as I read your other posts. Your targets ended up including videos from studios too which was / is a good stretch target


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