Writing The Single & Booking The Studio With Russ Russell (23 hours)

I started to write the single on January 29th and over the space of a two days I had created the song and mixed it. The process of writing and demoing the song took 10 hours to complete.

The song was created by importing loops from EZ drummer into logic and the playing along with them until I came up with a riff I liked. After I came up with five riffs I liked I began to arrange them into a three-minute song format.

After creating the song and arraigning it I began to work out the bass lines for the song and then I added lead lines for the chorus and ending section

The next day I reprogrammed the drums for the song so that I would have drums that would actually fit with the riffs I had written. After I finished programming the drums I began to mix the song I also I exported each separate section of the drum kit so that I could mix it separately this took a further 10 hours.

February 7th

I got in touch with my PR guy andy asking for some advice i asked “just a quick one i am thinking of recording a promo single over the summer for releases in the winter is this a good or bad plan?” to which andy responded “Yeah why not. It’ll tie in nicely to follow up this current EP. New interview in by the way sending now.”

I then sent a message to Russ Russell asking if he would be interested in recording the track with me in the summer. I went on to say that I have an instrumental demo of the song that I could send to him so he could it out and let me know if he was interested in working with me.

February 8th

The next day Russ Russell replied saying that he would be interested in checking out the track that I had written. I then replied to Russ saying that I had sent the demo by we transfer to his e-mail I also added that the song lasts for 3 minutes and it’s not as intense as the stuff on the previous EP.

February 9th

The next day Russ replied saying “Great track man, more thrash, great riffin”. I replied thanking Russ for his kind comments about the song and asked if he had time over the summer to record the song.

Russ replied saying that he had a little space at the beginning of June, he went on to say that he was pretty sure we could record and mix the track in a day and then master it a few days after. He also told me how much working with him would cost. I replied and agreed to the price and said that the 6th of June would be the best day for me. I then went on to ask in what format he would like the programmed drums “do you want the drums as midi or stems or both”? Russ replied asking for me to bring both midi and stems, stating “if the stems are cool then they can get used and save some time, but if I think I can tweak the midi and make it better then I have that option”. Russ also asked for me to send a deposit to secure my booking of the studio which I did promptly.

Booking the studio took 3 hours over three days.


2 thoughts on “Writing The Single & Booking The Studio With Russ Russell (23 hours)

  1. ….and this as pre production: was there a discussion regarding actual work proceseses and time budget for the day (ie an hour on drums, 2 on guitars) etc..or was is a vague ‘a day will do it’


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