Perfecting the single and informing the label and PR of my plans to record (25 Hours)

February 9th

Contacting The label

After booking the studio with Russ, I felt that I had better let the label know that I was planning on recording a single in the summer for release in the winter. I was already talking to Peter CEO of grindscene records over e-mail about the new Foul Body Autopsy EP that the label was releasing. I casually dropped in the conversation “oh, by the way, I’m recording a single with Russ Russell in the summer” to which he replied, “Jesus, that’s awesome.”

We then went on to talk about the best way to release the single, we discussed doing a 7 inch vinyl which I liked the idea but I wanted to keep the release of the single to limited numbers. I also wanted to keep the cost of pressing down so that more of the budget could be put into the artwork. Merchandise and PR campaign. Due to this, we decided to release the CD in cardboard sleeves and only have 100 copies pressed.

Contacting PR

I then decided to let Andy at PR know what I was doing to do and also ask what kind of promo campaign we should do for the single. I sent him a message informing him that I would be recording with Russ Russell in the summer. Andy replied saying “The single? Wow, that’s great! First time with the man himself!” I then asked about how we should handle the PR for the single, Andy stated that it would be best to do a short PR run lasting around two months he also went on to say “a video with it would be great.”

Perfecting the single

Over the months leading up to recording, I kept improving the song every time I changed something I would demo the track again. If I changed something significant in the song, for example, one of the riffs or drum beats I would send the new demo to Russ to see what he thought and if he had any advice for me to help improve the song.

By April 5th I finally had two demos of the song that I was satisfied with but I could not decide what ending I wanted to use. So I decided to ask Russ which ending he felt was best, I send both demos to him with the message. “hi Russ, Iv come up with a different ending for the song that we are going to record but I can’t decide which ending is best. Could you check them out and let me know which ending you think will work best?”

After this, I began to work on the lyrics for the song. The lyrics took a long time to write because at the time I’d been struggling with a creative block with lyrics. So in an attempt to get over this I tried taking lyrics from my old records cutting them up and rearranging them into new lyrics, but this didn’t work at all.

In the end, I spent hours with a rhyming dictionary writing as many lines as I could. When I ran out of ideas I would save the document and give up for the day. This continued for two weeks until I had written a few lines I felt would work together and make sense. I then began to elaborate on the few lines I liked and over the following three weeks I finally had the full lyrics for the song.


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