Booking Alex Benyon Photography (2 Hours)

Booking Alex Benyon Photography

After Andy at PR told me that a music video for the single would be a good tool for PR campaign I decided to book a photographer to come to the studio with me to document the recording process with photos and most importantly videos that I could edit together to create a music video

I decided to hire Alex Benyon to do all of the photos and videos because he had taken photos of my other band Nagasaki Birth Defect. I asked if Alex would be interested in coming the studio with me at a M2TM gig on the 22nd of May that Nagasaki Birth Defect was playing. I explained that I wanted him to take photos of the recording process but also record video that I would be able to edit in to a music video.

We then discussed the fee for him doing the work.

This all took around 2 hours.


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