Recording The Final Demo / Arriving At The Studio (22 Hours)

Recording The Final Demo

On may 10th I began to record the final demo of the single, I set up my backstar HT 50 head and cab with an SM57 on axis in front of it. I recorded Two guitar tracks and panned them left and right and then I recorded another Two guitar tracks using my POD HD 300 and panned them left and right. After that, I recorded the bass using the DI input on my interface.

On may 20th I went to Leicester college to record the vocals for the final demo. After I finished recording the demo I consolidated the project and spent the next day mixing and mastering the track.

This took 15 hours

Planning Getting To The Studio (May 23rd)

I sent a message to Russ asking what time myself and Alex should arrive at the studio. Russ replied saying that I could either arrive at 10am on the 6th of June or I could arrive at 9pm on the 5th of June. Russ explained that if I was to arrive on the night of 5th, “we could load you in and go for a beer and chat about what we’re gonna do.” I decided to arrive the night of 5th as it seemed like a good plan. I then contacted Alex and told him what my plan was and gave him the address of the studio and the time that he would need to arrive.

This took 2 hours

Arriving At The Studio (June 5th)

After Russ met me at the train station he drove us to the studio we loaded in and then Russ booted up his mac and started pro tools.

He then imported the drum stems and the final demo, we then listened to the final demo a few times to familiarise our selfs with the song before we talked about the production.

We then went to the pub and talked about the track and the production sound I wanted. I asked if we could try the 5 mic method on the guitar cab that Russ has used before, Russ explained that it would be impossible to do it a second time as the first time he did it was a complete accident and it should have never worked but for some reason, it worked. but he did say that he would probably use 2 or 3 mics on the guitar. Then we discussed the vocal sound I wanted and what microphones I had recorded vocals with on previous recordings. we ended up deciding that we would try the SM7B against a vintage Neumann u87. I wanted to try the SM7B because I think that microphone works very well with my voice. Russ wanted to try the Neumann u87 because its one of his favourite mics for recording vocalists. After we talked about the recording the single then conversation ended up with Russ telling me funny production stories and I bombarded him with questions about my favourite records that he had produced. After this, we went back to the studio and I picked out the guitar heads I wanted to use. I wanted to use the vintage marshall JCM 800 and the peavey 6505. Then I asked Russ if he had a tube screamer and wah-wah that I could use on the recording. Russ said that he had both and would bring the tube screamer from home in the morning.

This all took 5 hours.


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