Weighing Up Social Media Platforms

In this post, I will be weighing up social media platforms and decide what platform is best for my work based learning project. The three that I have the most experience are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube,



Facebook is arguably the most important social media platform for any musician to be on, this is because Facebook is a very easy and direct way of talking to their fans. But Facebook also has its problems for example since is has started its promote page / boost your post feature it has become much harder for users to have their posts seen by the people interested in their page.

This is because when a creator uploads a post to their page it is shown to a small number of the people that like their page. If they like it and comment on the post it will then be shown more of the people that like the page. But if the post doesn’t get any interaction it will do no further than the small number of people who it was shown to first.

Facebook shows users what their post reach is every week as can be seen in the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 17.10.14.png

Many of users feel that Facebook is limiting the amount of people that can see their posts. So they will be forced to pay Facebook to show their posts to people who have already liked the users page.

There are currently two ways to pay for likes on Facebook the first way is to go to a website such as Boostlikes.com and buy likes from them. But this is frowned upon due to the fact that websites like Boostlikes.com use click farms in developing countries and the staff working at these click farms are grossly underpaid. Another problem with click farms is that a lot of the likes you will get are from fake profiles based in developing countries. Meaning that with Facebook’s current filtering system your posts may end up reaching even fewer people that will engage with them. Making the whole process of buying likes from click farms completely redundant.

The second and much less frowned upon way to buy likes is to pay Facebook to promote your page. But the Promote or page / boost your post feature has received some negative press since it was introduced. In 2012 BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones wrote an article in which he wanted to find out how much a Facebook like is worth. So he created a page called Virtual Bagel and paid Facebook $60 to promote the page he the targeted his add for the USA, UK, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and in return he received 2,999 likes for his Facebook page.

During this experiment, Rory Cellan-Jones found that some of his new likes looked like fake Facebook pages much like the ones you would get buying likes from a click farm. He also found that even though his page had more likes he had much less engagement on his posts. Making the process of paying for likes from Facebook just as useless as paying for likes from a click farm.

Since this report Facebook have been trying to remove all the face profiles on the site and have told users to be more selective with who they target there adds to.



Youtube is one of the best social media platforms as it allows the used to upload video based content. This gives the user a much more intimate relationship with their fans. This is due to the fact that most of the content uploaded by creators is either them talking to the camera about what they are doing or filming fly on the wall style footage.

But one thing that has always considered as youtube weakness is that it was made for only video content, and as a result, creators would have to make pages off youtube for example facebook for all the community-based content, like text and images. But recently youtube has decided to add a new part of the website called the community tab that allows creators to post community-based content like they would on Facebook or Twitter. This was developed by YouTube with the help of the vlog brothers who wanted to post non video content on YouTube rather than other platforms allowing them to have one main social media hub.

Youtube is also a good media platform as it allows users to monetize their content. This is done by giving permission for adverts to be put at the beginning of their videos. Youtube will also give grants to creators that make high-quality content so advertisers would be more attracted  to the site. This was developed by the vlog brothers due to them no being able to post on video content on YouTube.

YouTube could be useful for me as I would be able to post video content, text based content, interface with fans directly, and get paid by the site for using it. As long as my content met with you tubes community guidelines.


twitter is also use full for updating your fan base with succinct posts. This is due to the 140 character cap on posts. But this can b a problem for any posts that need to be over 140 characters.

That Both Sites Are Missing

The biggest thing I think that Facebook lacks is a customisable layout for the pages. By this, I mean that myspace allowed the user to create their own page professional looking layout as well as upload their music and where the next live shows would be.

The image below shows what the myspace band pages used to look like.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 17.55.59.png


7 thoughts on “Weighing Up Social Media Platforms

  1. Hey Tom, it’s interesting to know about the new community feature in Youtube, it seems they’re trying to integrate the model of social media platforms into their site too. Is it known whether content creators will be able to monetize the community tab like they do with youtube videos?


    1. I dont think so but creators’ may end up with more advising revenue from it. This would be from increased traffic to their page from people wanting to look for updates on there community hub.


  2. Very informative. Twitter uses URL short links to get over 140 problem and don’t include in the 140 characters meaning that it can be useful when sharing new material from other sites, music and imagery.


  3. Interesting about the methods people use to buy likes. How would someone with 10,000 real like perform in the market with album sales compared to someone with 10,000 likes which they bought.
    Comparing the current sites to myspace is interesting and i believe implementing something along those lines giving fans more detail on the artists and where they can get the music.


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