Research week 5

today we talked about citing and listing references, we then went on to talk about why you will need to do this property to gain a good grade as a result.

next we went on to talk about structuring our dissertation and what we need to avoid doing for example waffle.

the title for my dissertation will be, how has technology effected the production of metal music.

some chapter ideas I have are

sampling and over possessed performances

amp sims solid state and valve amps

plugins vs hardware



3 thoughts on “Research week 5

  1. lots of articles on this in Sound On Sound. I think a few years back they did a series on recording and production of metal as a genre. very details. cant remember the author though. this subject is rife for comparison with other guitar based genres…metal production has pretty strict drum sound rules and production for a start. a really interesting topic idea Tom.. looking forwards to this


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