Multi-Media (Musical Tropes)

We have been tasked with creating a musical score for a TV advert we were each given a genre to work in for the task I was given chart pop. After this we were told to find the musical tropes of the genre that we were given.

 Mood / Lyrical Content

Chart pop is mostly happy and uplifting with very little tension other than in the build ups in to chorus, doing this help the chorus sound more uplifting and gets the listener more into the song. The lyrical content of chart pop is mostly about sex, love, partying, drugs, or nothing at all.


The production on chart pop is very clean and the performances are nailed to the grid and cleaned up the result of which is music that sounds almost inhuman. The vocals usually have auto tune on them as well as a lot of reverb and delay. The mastering in chart pop is usually very loud this is due to the loudness war, the loudness war started when record labels wanted their releases to be as loud as possible so to catch the listener’s attention over a release by another label. Also, this also plays in to the fact that the ear can be tricked in to thinking that a song is good just because its loud. But as a result of the loudness war the dynamic range of chart pop has been drastically reduced.

Musical Elements / Instrumentation

Chart pop mostly uses synthetic instruments rather than real instruments for example drum machines, Synth Bass, synthetic orchestral instruments like strings and horns, and electric pianos. Recently chart pop has been using Loads of annoying sounds used as a hook rather than having singing in the chorus.


One thought on “Multi-Media (Musical Tropes)

  1. Good reference to hooks and tension release structures in pop music. The over quantisation is good too. Production elements to do with mastering are relevant but less useful to you because the music is used as a support for visual media.


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