Recording The Single (8 hours)

The next morning Russ arrived at the studio just before 10pm and began to get the studio ready for the recording session. Not long after Alex arrived to take photos and video fly on the wall footage that I would be able to edit in to youtube videos.

He setup three microphones on a XL masa stack he used a duel mic called the fredman technique, this technique is achieved by placing “two dynamic mics in front of one speaker one of the mics is placed on-axis and the other one off-axis.” The on-axis mic delivers a bright sound while the off-axis mic delivers a dark sound. The combination of the two mics gives a much thicker guitar sound while “utilizing phase cancellation to eliminate fizz.” ( 2015) The two microphones used to record the guitars where a Sennheiser e609 as the on-axis mic and a Shure sm57 as the off-axis mic.

All the mics were sent to a single track on the audient console, from there the single track as sent through outboard compressor and equaliser to shape the tone before it was inputted into pro tools. As well as the real amp Russ also ran the guitar through a kemper profiling amp and a DI box for a direct clean tone for in case re-amping would be needed. Russ had me play the single with the drums so that he could tweak the guitar tone on the outboard to get the best tone possible. Once Russ had a tone that he was happy with be began tracking the guitars. Russ had me quad track all the rhythm guitars quad tracking can achieve a massive guitar sound but every take has to be as tight as possible. After all the rhythm guitars had been tracked we moved on to lead guitars. all of the lead guitars recorded through a wah-wah pedal all the lead guitars also were double tracked for thickness.

Once all the guitars had been recorded we moved on to recording the bass guitar. Russ ran the bass through a DI box to split the signal. The output from the DI was inputted directly into pro tools, and the through on the DI was inputted into a bass stack in the live room. The direct signal was effected in pro tools using to have a distorted sound this was then blended with the clean amp sound. While recording the bass Russ suggested changes to what I was playing to make the bass sound better and fit in to the song better.

Once all the music had been recorded we took a lunch brake and discussed recording the vocals.

After lunch we started recording the vocals Russ set up two mics one was the Neumann u87 and the other was the Shure SM7b. Russ had me go into the live room and do a warm up take so that he could record both mics to see which one we liked the best. After I finished the take he showed me how each mic sounded and I felt that the Neumann u87 was the best sounding mic so all of the vocals were done with that mic. While recording the vocals Russ would suggest changes to the lyrics and to the melody to make the vocal performance sound better He also had me double track the vocals for thickness.

Once everything had been recorded Russ began to mix the track in studio around 6pm myself and Alex left the studio.



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