Editing Video – 20 Hours

Editing Video

A few days after leaving the studio I was sent all the photos and videos from Alex, I watch all the videos to see what Alex had managed to film. After watching all the videos and making notes of parts I liked I realised that using all the footage I had that I could not only create fly on the wall style videos that would show the recording process. But I could also create a music video for the single so I decided to try my hand at video editing. I wanted to keep it simple at first and I knew that reaper would support very simple video editing to I decided to try editing in that. I cut together the first video this was just footage of me playing guitar while Russ got the guitar tone that he wanted I finished my first video edit I uploaded to my YouTube channel. The video got a small amount of attention so I decided to edit a few more videos to help promote the single.

I created three more behind the scenes style videos to go along with the first that I had edited. The second video I edited was one of me recording the guitar tracks the third video was the bass guitar being recorded and the fourth was the vocals being recorded. A week after recording the single I received a message from Russ with the mastered version of the single. I listened to the master and could not hear anything that I wanted to change so I signed off on it. After receiving the master I started the process of creating the music video. When it came to editing the footage together for the music video.

Editing the video did present some challenges though for example when filming for previous music videos the director would create a sync point at the start of the video to make editing easier. Because the video filmed by Alex was filmed in a fly on the wall style with the hope of the footage recorded being a natural as possible there were not sync points to work with. I did begin to realise that if I was to import the video into reaper and create a tempo grid biased on the tempo of the song it made creating editing the video in time with the music much easier. Using the tempo grid in reaper allowed me to edit the changes in the video to be in time with the music this helped to make the video look somewhat more professional. Once I had completed the music video I sent it to Alex, Andy, & Pete to make sure that they were all happy with the video which they were.

I am going to continue using reaper to edit my live-in studio videos and once I have found a video editing software that I think will work with PC and MAC I will switch over to that. I have been looking into is Adobe Premiere but I would rather not use a program that is subscription biased.


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