Creating the Artwork for the Single – 3 Hours

The artwork for the single was created by Alan O’Neill this was my first time working with Alan on a project. I decided to try working with a new artist because I had some problems with the artist that I had worked with previously. The previous artist that worked with was called Coki Greenway and he is based in Indonesia.

I worked with him on five projects two of these were debut album for Foul Body Autopsy and Nagasaki Birth Defect and three were the Foul Body Autopsy Eps So Close to Complete Dehumanisation, Perpetuated by Greed, and Burn Them All, Working with Coki presented some problems the main one being was his reliability it would quite often take him a long time create the artwork. For example, it took over two months for him to create the cover art for the debut Nagasaki Birth Defect album. Also, whenever I would contact him to ask how he was getting on he would not reply for almost two weeks. In his defence, he did say that he was having problems with Wi-Fi and this would depend on what city he was in at the time. This problem would also affect how quickly he could send the finished artwork to me which could be very frustrating when trying to keep to deadlines.

Due to these problems, I decided to try working with a new artist, I have known Alan O’Neill through his band slow worm for the past three year but I have never worked with him on a project. I sent a message to Alan over Facebook asked him how much he charges for artwork. He replied saying he typically works at an hourly rate or he can work around a budget that he is given by the band. Alan went on to say “I wouldn’t hand over the Art until I am happy with it, which means I generally spend far longer than I charge for.” I told him that I only had £100 for the artwork on this release and he replied stating that “I could do something much looser and dirtier for that.” He sent me some examples of his looser and dirtier work I felt that the aesthetic of the work would fit very well with the single. I explained the concept of the song and what I felt the artwork should contain and Alan added some suggestions.

A few days later Alan sent me a rough version of the artwork that he was creating to see if I liked it. I told him that I was happy with the artwork but I did ask for some small changes to be made after this I sent him the £100 by PayPal. A few days after seeing the preview and paying Alan he sent me the finished artwork and I was very happy with the result as was Pete at the label and Andy at PR. I plan on continuing to work with Alan on future projects because the experience working with him was very easy and stress-free.



One thought on “Creating the Artwork for the Single – 3 Hours

  1. artwork in your genre is very ‘typical’ of the genre: why is that? What would happen if you had a sleeve with a picture of a Unicorn being cuddled by a baby? Or similar?


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