Releasing The Single (5 Hours)

Once I had received the single I sent it to both Pete at the label and Andy at PR.

Peter reply saying “sounds awesome, Reminds me of a more brutal “the rotted”. The closing forty seconds have that big epic crescendo feel that I love in death metal. Few bands do it nowadays.” Andy replied saying “Sounding huge! It’s very FBA only much bigger, this is by far the best you’ve done yet!” I then confirmed with Peter the releases date for the single would be October 1st and that the CDs would be in simple cardboard sleeves.

Once confirmed Peter sent me the template for the CDs and sleeves so that I could get the layout for the CD made. I then got in contact with Dave Coia at vile design about him creating the layout for the CDs he told me the cost the layout I agreed to the price and sent him the payment and the info that needed to on the layout. Once the layout was completed I sent it to Pete with a copy of the single and he then sent everything off to the pressing plant.

After this I confirmed the PR campaign with Andy he suggested that “we should push it to radio and online because I can’t see us getting any print because it’s just a single.” Andy then asked me to send him a statement about working with Russ. Once I had completed the statement I sent it to and as well as the photos Alex took and music video that I created. After this, I began to upload all of the fly on the wall studio videos I created. On 26/08/2016 Andy released a statement and pre-order link to his press contacts.

Once the statement was given to the press and to the fans of my music I began to get pre-orders for the single. I used the pre-orders to give me a good idea of how many T-shirts I should order and what sizes I would need. I ordered the shirts through the same company I always use Giant Iron Face I sent them a photoshop file of the artwork and they printed them to 20 black T-shirts. Around this time I received my share of the CDs from the label and once the T-shirts arrived I began to pack up the pre-orders.

Then on 06/09/2016, the music video was released one all this was done andy sent me some links from websites that had written articles on the single. He told me to share one or two links every few days some of the articles can be seen below.

Finally on October the 1st the single was reassessed, I sent out all of the pre orders and began to rehearse for the upcoming live shows that I had.


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