Promoting The Single At Gigs (40 Hours)

Once the single was released I had four live shows booked to promote the new single. The hope for these gigs was that I would get paid by the promoter and would sell some copies of the new single.

The first live show was on October 7th in Bristol with Basement Torture Killings, Black Skies Burn, The Judas Cradle, Anal Floss is Boss. This show did not go as well as I had hoped I did not get paid by the promoter but I did sell 3 t-shirts and 4 CD’s. I also managed to talk to Chris from Black Skies Burn about finally doing a second tour together since this gig Chris has set up a tour in September.

The second gig was on October 13th at the Old Angel in Nottingham with Riff Bastard, Down in One, Shrykull, and 86 the Enemy. This gig was set up by the University of Nottingham rock society. I have played a few gigs for the rock society and I have enjoyed all of them and they have always paid me an agreed amount. The gig went very well considering that I was playing this gig instrumental due to a bout laryngitis. I had a good crowd that seemed to enjoy my set and the promoters paid me the agreed £40 but I did not sell any merchandise.

The third gig was an all-day festival called Day of Rock on November 12th in Kettering. This show was not good for me I was on very early and most people did not show up for the gig until well into the evening. I was also given a contract from the promoter when the booked me saying that they would pay me for playing. Unfortunately, I was not paid for this gig but I did sell some merchandise.

The fourth and final gig of 2016 was at The Navigation in Nottingham on the 3rd of December. With Basement Torture Killings, Repulsive, and Deathflux, this gig was very successful but all of the gigs that I play for Phil Core are and I also seem to do well in Nottingham. The room was completely full and I got paid about £30 and I sold a lot of merchandise.

On reflection, I have decided that playing live is no longer worth it for me. It is costing me more money to play gigs than I am making playing them. I have decided that I will only be playing tours and do live shows in the midlands as it keeps the travel costs down.


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