Market Research

I have decided to do some market research into the metal scene and see what I can do to improve my current situation. As this time playing live is not good option for me since a lot of the shows I am playing cost me more to play than I make playing them. I have decided that the best way to keep in touch with the people that like my music would be to do live in studio video for YouTube. This I idea was partly suggested by a someone on the Foul Body Autopsy Facebook page after I put up a post saying that I could no longer afford to play live.


I will quite often ask the people that like my Facebook page questions asking them what they think of an idea that I have. I have asked them all kinds of questions like, I should produce the next album myself? I have also asked them to check out demos of new songs to let me know if they like what I am doing or not.

Recently I asked them if I was to releases another album who would want a copy on CD. I did this so that I could get an idea of how many CDs may need to be made for the next album. I think the next one may be a very limited run because not that many people buy my music and I don’t think that making over 500 copies is a good idea.

I also asked what they think of instrumental metal records, this is because I am considering not having any vocals on the next album. This is partly due to most of the people that like my music are other guitarists. This is quite evident by looking at the views on the studio videos I uploaded to YouTube both videos with the most views are the ones of me playing the guitar.


Finally I also talk to my PR guy Andrew about what I should do next and what the current trends in the industry are.




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