Reflecting on The Process of Recording & Releasing the Single

Recording & Producing

I have enjoyed the process of recording and releasing the single. This project has allowed me to work with one of my favourite producers and ask him questions about how he engineers and produces music. I have implemented a lot of the techniques that I and Russ talked about into my own mixes. I have also been able to ask him questions over e-mail as well. I now think that I am getting to the point where I will be able to produce, mix and master my next album by myself. This will help to reduce the cost of recording my next album drastically as recording another album with a professional producer can cost upwards of £4000.


Editing Video

It was also interesting editing the videos together It has made me more confident that I will be able to create my own music videos for future releases. This skill will help to save a lot of money at working with a good video director can cost upwards of £1000.


Playing Live

Doing this project has also helped me to realize that playing live is not that benifial to me at this moment as it is costing me more to play the show than I am making playing them. To help me say in touch with the people that like my music I have decided to do some live-in studio videos. This will also help me to continue improving at video editing and mixing.


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