Preparing For Live In Studio Videos

Booking the Studio
To prepare for this part of the WBL project I first had to book the studio with the technicians. This is an easy process, anytime I need to book a studio I can go directly to them and ask if I can book the studio is free on a certain date a then book the studio there and then. It is also possible to E-mail them if you are not on campus for a while but you need to book a specific date. I felt it would be best to book the over the reading week as none of the other courses will be on campus so I booked the studio for Thursday 16th Feb. This will allow me to borrow two or more of the college’s cameras that are often used for evidencing students work.


Choosing Equipment

I have decided to record the audio for this project on my own dell laptop running reaper and my Focusrite 18i20 I also plan on using all my own Aston spirit condenser for vocals and Line 6 effects units for the guitars. I have made this decision because I am limited for time and I want to use gear that I know will work without issue. This will help to save time as I will not need to troubleshoot any problems before getting started.


Choosing Songs to Play & Creating the Backing Track
For this first video, I have decided to play only songs from my debut album that was self-released in 2013 I have decided to play all of the songs from the album but one. Creating the backing track for the performance was an easy process as I already have stems of the original drum tracks from my first album. I imported all the drum tracks into reaper and then created a click track in logic using a marimba sound from the orchestral percussion virtual instrument. I decided to create a click track just to help me keep locked in with the backing track. As some of the songs from the first album have complicated parts and tempo changes that can throw me off time if I am not paying attention.


I plan on rehearsing the set once every day until the 16th I have made this decision so that I will be as tight as possible and be able to perform to the best of my ability’s.


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