Plans For Youtube

My plans for my youtube channel is to create frequent high quality content for my fanbase and try and attract the people that like my Facebook page to become subscribers on my youtube channel. My Facebook page currently has 3,484 likes but my youtube channel currently has only 307 subscribers, so it would be nice to attract some of them to my youtube channel.

In researching how to build a Youtube following I found a video featuring Rob Scallon, Rob Scallon is a musician and Youtuber with 820,470 subscribers. He stated that if you want to build a youtube following you should just start making videos and that its best to try and upload new content every week.

I have decided that I will try and upload a new live in studio video every 2-4 weeks so that I don’t runout of ideas for new content in just a few weeks.



One thought on “Plans For Youtube

  1. you need an ‘idea list’ for videos: the commitment to doing regular content is massive: get that list going! The stats aspect of subscribers is beneficial: you can instantly measure your success


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