Filming The Live-In-Studio Video (6 Hours)

Filming the studio video was simple once I arrived I set up my laptop, Interface, Line 6 Pod and my Aston spirit condenser. Once I finished that I set up two cameras one that would focus on the guitar and a far one that would focus on vocals. I decided to record two channels of the guitar so that I would be able to edit them so that the guitar on the right could drop out in the stop-start sections. After I finished recording the song I uploaded all the videos from the cameras onto my laptop.

Video Editing & Mixing
I then imported the video into reaper and synced it to the audio I quickly edited the footage until I was happy with the edit. I then added some compression and EQ to the guitar after this I added compression and EQ to the vocals followed by delay and reverb.


When it came to mastering a compressor was added this was used to catch the peaks within the WAV form after this an EQ was added to remove the woolly mid-range and tighten up the overall mix. Finally, a Slate FG-X a compressor limiter was added to reduce the dynamic range of the mix and turn up the overall volume of the track to peek below 10RMS.

I then uploaded the video to youtube and posted it to Facebook, I also sent it to Peter at grind scene records and told him I was planning on doing more. He replied saying that “9pm on a Monday is the best time to post on FB” and that he “also found that keeping it face book exclusive to begin with helps drive hits to the page. Also, FB restricts YouTube video sharing as it’s a google product, making it less likely to show up on people’s feeds, even if paid for”.


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