Multi Media – Research Blog One


In this series of blog posts i will be researching techniques that I will be using I’m my portfolio work for multi media. This first blog post about sound effects. While researching this topic I found a useful blog post on the Music For Moving Image blog that is linked below

Diegetic Sound

Diegetic Sound is the real world sounds that the audience can hear this is also called literal sound or actual sound. An example of this is voices of characters, sounds made by objects in the story, dog barking, car passing,
Non-Diegetic Sound

Non-Diegetic Sound is the opposite of Diegetic Sound, these are the sounds the character can’t hear. It’s also called non-literal sound and commentary sound. An example of this is narrator’s commentary, Sound effect which is added for dramatic effect, Mood music and Film Score,


In film and TV sound effects are categorised as

Hard sound effects

Hard sound effects are used for “common sounds that you hear on the screen like doors slamming, guns firing and cars driving“.

Background Sound Effects

Background sound effects are as simple as they sound and are just “sounds that go with the scene, for example,” mechanical sounds that go with a factory setting. “The sound of people talking in the background is also considered a background sound effects but only if the speaker is unintelligible and the language is unrecognisable“.

Foley Sound Effects 

Foley sound effects are the sounds that are synched on screen” foley sound effects are created by a foley artists. Foley artists will recreate sounds by watching the footage and following the actions on the screen for example, footsteps and rustling of clothes.

Design Sound Effects

Design sound effects are sounds that do not occur naturally so, therefore, cannot be recorded. These sounds have to be created either using synths or taking real world sounds, and manipulating them until they no longer sound like naturally occurring sounds. Design sound effects are typically used for sci-fi.



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