In this series of blog posts I will be researching techniques that I will be using I’m my portfolio work for multi media. This forth blog post This blog post is about the sound design work on the film gravity this research has come in helpful when working on the Philips Carousel advert.

In a video for Dolby, Alfonso Cuaron explains how he wanted to approach the sound design for gravity. He explained that “there is no sound in space, you’re in the vacuum sound can not be transmitted through the atmosphere” he went on to explain that “nevertheless sound can be transmitted through interaction with elements.” This means that if the characters are to touch something or be hit by something the vibration of that interaction with travel into their ears. Due to this “they will get muffled representation of that sound.”

In the same video Skip Lievsay who was that Re-recording mixer for gravity explains how the foley sound effects were recorded. “all the foley everything that they where doing loosening the bolts, moving things and opening doors, all came into the form of transducer recordings which records vibrations rather than audio.” Skip Lievsay then when on to talk about how the audio was panned throughout the film. He explained that dialogue as panned to follow the actors moments on screen.

I wanted to use this idea to represent the feeling of slow motion within the Philips Carousel advert. So I added all wet reverb and filters to all of the foley sound effects in an attempt to create a muffled otherworldly sound. At first, i tried time stretching and pitching the foley sound effects down but I felt that this did not work that well. I have also decided to use the same panning technique to follow what is happening on screen.


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