In this series of blog posts I will be researching techniques that I will be using I’m my portfolio work for multi media. This sixth blog post will be about Reverb

Reverb is typically used to create realism. When using reverb with ADR adding an appropriate reverb can help the dialogue better fit into the scene. Without the correct reverb or no reverb the dialogue recorded in ADR with stick out like a sore thumb. Reverb can also be used in many other creative ways. To emphasise the emotion of the scene and better serve the narrative.

An example of reverb being used as an emotional effect is in Schindler’s List. In the film, there is a scene where a Jewish engineer and camp commander Goeth are arguing over a building’s foundations. After an argument over the camp commander orders the execution of the engineer. When the woman is shot you hear the initial gunshot clearly and almost Immediately after, you hear the gunshot bounce around the hills that surround the camp. Obviously, guns are loud but would a small pistol really create so much echo? It is suggested that  The echo is at the very least enhanced and deliberately exaggerated. The echo represents and signposts the shocking and emotional moment and it exaggerates the shock that the audience feels. This is a heightened reality where we are focused on a single element of that event through the sound. By utilising such a loud, and extended sound.. the silence afterwards becomes all the more ominous.

An example of reverb being used to add emphasis to a line if dialogue is preverb. Preverb is created by taking the audio file you want to use, duplicate it and reverse it then apply a reverb with a long tail. After this reverse that file and then sync that file with the original. This video below demonstrates how preverb can be used to dd emphasis to a line of vocals in a song.



It can also be useful to NOT use reverb at all, an example of this is in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When Dumbledore escapes in a flash of phoenix flames. The final collapsing sound is completely devoid of any reverb, it is suggested that this lack of reverb is to reflect “the absence created with Dumbledore’s sudden and unexpected departure. His warmth and security have been suddenly removed from the school.




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