Performance Blog – A Change of Genre

Change of Genre
For the performance, I have decided to change the genre that I will be working in from experimental noise music to dance music. I have made this decision because I do not feel that I am stretching my ability’s by working in a genre that is well within my comfort zone. I decided to create and perform a dance music track as this is not in my comfort zone and I have never created music in that style before.

Creating the New Track
To create the track, I used a DAW that I am not that familiar with logic pro x. I used a piano and string virtual instrument and created a loop of a few chords with a small melody. After this, I added a bass line that would follow the root notes of the chords but also reinforce the melody. Then I added two sets of strings both followed the root notes of the chords, I changed some of the synth settings on the second set of strings so that they would sound different and have a long fade in. Once I completed this section I added a beat using the Logic Pro X big room drum VI. Once I had created the first section I began to work on a second section using the same chords as before but I created a new melody from the same chords. Finally, I added a third section and my song was complete. I then exported everything in the project to stem tracks so that I could be placed into Ableton Live and created into a live set.

Creating a Live Set in Ableton Live
To create the live set in Ableton I needed to put some of the stems together on a single track this is because the controller that I am using only has 8 faders. I imported all the stems in reaper and decided what stems would work together. The first four tracks were used for the drums and the next three were used for the tuned instruments. I then imported my seven newly created stems into Ableton and created my live set out of them. Once the live set was finished I began to practice moving from scene to scene using the APC 40 controller.

Using the APC 40 Controller
The APC 40 is easy to work with as it has a very simple layout I found it easy to work with and feel comfortable playing my live set using it.

Adding Effects Using Ableton
Once I was happy using the APC 40 I began to add effects in Ableton. I decided that in my performance I want to be able to manipulate my song to the point that I don’t sound like the same song anymore. I the most destructive effects that I could find and then created effects racks out of them. This allowed me to map certain effects to nobs on the APC 40. Doing this will make the performance easier and reduce the risk of changing the wrong effect.


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