Performance Blog – First Rehearsal

First Rehearsal
Recently I and Aaron did a short rehearsal this rehearsal was mainly used to see how long it would take us to set up the equipment for the performance. Aaron has a more elaborate setup than me so as a result, it did take him longer to setup. My setup is still very simple and only consists of a mac and an APC-40. I feel it is best for me to keep my setup as small as possible to avoid problems or becoming overwhelmed by the amount of equipment.

I feel the rehearsal went well the transition between Aarons set and my set works very well and will not need a lot of practice. While running over my set I have found a few problems, once I start to distort some of my tracks to change it from a dance track to a noise track the volume of certain tracks becomes somewhat uncontrollable. I don’t want to end up blowing the PA at Sue Townsend in the middle of my performance. Luckily Aaron has suggested a few ways that I can control the effects so stop the problem.

I am also thinking of adding a second song into the set rather than morphing my performance from a dance track to a noise track. I also feel that creating a second dance track would be a good way to continue pushing myself as a musician. I have a few ideas that I plan on trying out for a second track I hope to get this track finished as soon as possible as to not take up any important rehearsal time. Another area that will need improvement is our setup time but this should improve the more that we do it.


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