Final Performance Blog Post

Planning The Performance

When it came to planning the performance myself and Aaron talked about doing our performances on the stage at the Sue Townsend theatre. Rather than on the landing with everyone else this was because we would be able to have the sound go through the PA and it would feel more like a real performance.

Earlier in the year, I had also talked about doing a performance with a VJ providing visuals for the music. I also talked about having projection screens in front of me while I was performing so that I would not be able to see the audience and they would not be able to see me. This idea was taken from Pink Floyd s The Wall album and tour were the band played behind a wall that was built throughout the show and then pulled down at the very end.


Aaron decided to run with this idea and got in contact with the dance tutors to ask if we could do our performances on the stage at Sue Townsend theatre during the interval of the dance performance. He also contacted tony the VJ tutor to ask if he would do visuals for our performances. Later he informed me that both had said yes and the performance was going ahead as planned.

On Wednesday the 26th of April, we had a meeting with the dance tutor to discuss the performance and what our plan would be. She explained that we would be able to have a dry run on the day of the performance to check that everything will work perfectly for us. She also asked how was going to be doing the VJ work as she had not been told who would be doing it. She has assumed it would be the students but Aaron said that he wanted tony to do it but and not heard from him in a while. So it was decided that we should get mark towers to contact tony just to remind him of the performance and get back to us so we could formulate a plan. The next day Arron told me that he had heard from tony and everything was again going ahead as planned.


Deciding What Equipment To Use

The equipment that I have decided to use for the performance is very simple. I will be using a 2012 mac book pro running Ableton live with an APC 40 controller. All of the sound will be outputted from the laptop through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. This will then inputted into a DJ mixer that will be sent to the front of house desk.


Refining My Performance

On the 4th of may, I spent the day refining my performance for Tuesday, May 9th. As I stated in a previous blog post my plan has been to create a second song to add to the performance as well as adding a real bass guitar to both songs. This didn’t go to plan I did create the beginning of the second track but I was not able to finish it in time due to the amount of other coursework that I have had to do for this degree.

As a result of this, I decided to continue with my original plan for my performance. This plan involved improvising an arrangement of the first song that I created. Then around 4 minutes into the performance I will begin to add distortion and other effects to elements of the song to morph the song into a Merzbow-style noise song for the last 2-3 minutes.

While I was practising my performance, Aaron suggested that I should add some one knob effects to the master track. This was done so that I could affect the hole mix if I wanted. He explained that I could use the effects to add emphasis to the drops and make the music more interesting.


Planning Final Rehearsals

Myself and Aaron have decided to do two final rehearsals before the performance the first will be this Sunday and the second will be on Monday.

Working Out The Final Details

I am feeling confident that the performance should go without a problem. The only thing that I am concerned about is getting everything setup for the performance so that we don’t run over. We have talked about this and we decided that it would be best to set up everything at the side of the stage so that we can carry everything on already set up and just plug it all in.






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