Finishing Recording & Mixing Stuart Simpsons Band – 25 Hours

Finishing Recording Stuart Simpsons Band

Recording More Keyboards
After re-recording the electric guitars Stuart wanted to add more keyboards to the songs this was done using his laptop running a synth plugin that was controlled by an M-Audio keyboard. The output from the laptop was inputted Into the DI input of the UA-LA 610 and recorded into Reaper.

Recording Vocals
Recording the vocals for this project was done over many different sessions the first session was used to record the lead vocal as well as some of the backing vocals. The microphone used in the first session was an Oktava MK 319 condenser this was then run through a UA-LA 610 pre-amp compressor. In the first session, we managed to record all the main vocals as well as some of the backing vocals. The second session of recording vocals was done at my house over the Christmas holiday Stuart came over and we recorded all his backing vocals and harmony’s in my spare room. The microphone used in the second session was an Aston Spirit Condenser.

Recording More Percussion And Vocals
In the final recording sessions, the band wanted to add more percussion to all of the songs this extra percussion consisted of shakers tambourines and hand drums. Some final vocal parts were also added. The microphone used in the final recording sessions was a rode nt 2000 condenser this was then run through a UA-LA 610 pre-amp compressor.

Mixing The Project
When it came to mixing the project, I decided to use a top-down method this “This idea has been around for a long while, and can be applied to your entire mix” Top down mixing in reaper is easy as it allows you to create groups or summing folders where you can add effects like EQ and Compression to a number of tracks at the same time. “There are a number of potential benefits of working in this way, but the main one is speed”. Another benefit is that using minimal plugins will stop you from using all of your RAM and overloading your computer.

Finishing The Mix
I have mixed several versions of the EP for the band but they have been increasingly difficult to please this is mostly due to every member wanting to be at the front of the mix they have also been asking for the vocals to be buried in the mix. To get around this problem I have done a few instrumental mixes in which I have tried to make everything audible in the mix. Once I had a mix that I felt the band would be happy with I added the vocals and tried to make the audible without having them be too loud. My plan is to have this project completed before may 20th



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