Performance Review

Performance Review

Preparing for the performance on the day
I and Aaron decided to arrive at the venue for 3:30 pm this was decided so that we would be half an hour early. Once I had arrived I began to look for all the equipment that myself and Aaron would be using. This was so that I could organise it all into a single crate. Once I had done that Aaron arrived and we began to talk with the level 3 techs. We talked about what we equipment we would be using and what we would need from them and what they had ready for us. We explained that we were using a DJ mixer and that we would need just two XLR cables to send the signal to the desk. They then explained that they had some tables ready for us to set our equipment up on. They went on to say that we would be able to break them down and place them backstage while all the dancers were performing.

We did have to defend our idea of having the screen and visuals in front of us so that the audience could not see us. They did not seem to understand that that was exactly what the idea of the performance. That it is not about the narcissism of stage performance it’s about having good music with interesting visuals. Also not being able to see the audience allows you to perform more naturally without worrying about what audience thinks.

After we tried to explain that we had no intention of changing the performance. It was decided that they would light us from the top so the audience would be able to see us through the screen. We did have to ask them to turn the lights a lot due to the lights being so bright we couldn’t see the lights on our controllers. Once we had managed to set up and get the lighting to be right we were then asked to pack everything away backstage. Then bring it out like we would in the performance to see how long it would take to set everything up.

One problem we found was that if Aarons equipment was unplugged and then plugged back in when Ableton was open it would cause the PC to crash. Aaron decided that I would be best to turn on his laptop and connect all his equipment backstage before we were due to go on. I decided to do the same with my equipment we would then carry everything onto the stage ready and all we would need to do it plug it all in. Another problem we found was that the mixer we were using had an audible hum this was solved in the first run through by replacing the cable.


The performance
About 15 minutes before the performance I and Aaron went backstage and began to set up our equipment. Once this was done we walked it all out on the stage while the stage hands set up all the tables and other equipment that we needed. We then began the performance while Aaron did his half of the set I checked that my headphones were working and that all my equipment was working as it should. Once Aaron finished I began my half of the set. I feel that the performance went well I was glad that I had my headphones with me for monitoring as without them I began to hear the flutter echo in the room which I found very distracting. Overall I feel that the performance was good especially considering how out of my comfort zone I was. I am also happy that I decided not to add any noise elements to the performance as I feel it would not have gone down very well with our audience who were probably not that familiar with EDM.



In conclusion, the performance went better than I had expected. I am very happy with the result I would like to try and implement this style of live show into my solo death metal and grindcore performances. But I do think it would be interesting to add a guitar headstock camera to the visuals just to add something extra to the visuals.


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