Final Blog Post

Final Blog Post

This final blog post for work based learning will be summing up what I have learned over the work based learning project and what I plan on doing in the future.

What Have I Learned
Throughout the work based learning project, I set myself some of the following goals. Get Better at mixing, learn how to engineer drums better, learn about micing up guitar amps and cabs and finally make YouTube Videos. I have achieved all of the goals listed above I have done four different projects where I have had to mix songs. These projects where the Colossloth album the carpenter bees EP the Stuart Simpson EP and finally my own music. I have found the with every project I have become happier with the quality of my mixing and I feel a lot more confident on taking on mixing projects.

I have gotten better at engineering drums by simply trying many different micing techniques when while in out studio lessons. I have also implemented some of the techniques into recording projects that I have been doing over the year. Two of these studio projects are the Stuart Simpson EP where I recorded the drum kit with just two microphones and my own solo music where I used seven mics to record the drum kit. I have gotten better at micing up guitar cabs drums by simply trying many different micing techniques. While in our studio lessons and when at home. I then would try techniques when working on recording projects, for example, the Stuart Simpson EP and my own solo music. I have also been creating videos for YouTube these videos have been videos of me playing my own songs live in the studio. I have also learned how to edit video in reaper to a good standard.

What Are My Next Steps For The Rest Of 2017 Into 2018

My next steps are going to be simple I have decided now that I will have enough free time. I will now be able to finish my live in studio videos. I plan on doing two more videos for the first album. Then two videos of the songs from the first EP I did on grind scene records “so close to complete dehumanization” (2014). I then plan on doing one video for all of the songs on the most recent EP for grind scene records “perpetuated by greed” (2016). Finally, I will do a video for the single “21st-century fascism” (2016) that I released on grind scene records as part of this work based learning project.

I also plan on continuing to work on my new solo record. I will be using all of the engineering and mixing skills that I have learned throughout this work based learning project. To not only create the demos for the album but I may also produce the album myself. This will not only save money but I will also be able to make the new release exactly how I feel it should sound. The current timetable for this new release is as follows I plan on finishing writing the release from June till November. Then from December 1st to December 22nd I will record mix and master the release. I will then deliver it to the label with the CD layout so that they can begin to process of pressing the CD’s for a release in February 2018.

Goals For The Future

My goals for the future are very simple

I plan on finishing the live in studio videos and working on other content for YouTube.

Continue to produce mix and master other people’s work

Complete my solo release

Have all mixing, mastering and producing projects that I have been working on so far this year finished before may 20th


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