Mixing The Carpenter Bees (10 Hours)

Another mixing project that I have been working on has been the carpenter bees EP. I was contacted by the band bass player asking if I could mix the band’s first EP. I decided to do it for free as it is good mixing experience for me and the band don’t have any money anyway.

I have found mixing the songs to be very easy as the stems are recorded well but the way that they were delivered leaves something to be desired. Most of the stems had the song name in them and somewhere named things like “cool jazz combo” turns out it was a guitar track…….The best way to prepare stems for someone to mix is to label tracks like the following example.

01 Kick

02 Snare

03 Rack Tom

04 Floor Tom

05 Overhead High Hat Side

06 Overhead Ride Side

07 Guitar One

08 Guitar Two

09 Bass

10 Main Vocal

11 Backing Vocal

This way of organising tracks has been suggested by glen flicker in his youtube video. How to Prepare your tracks for Professional Mixing. Another problem I found was that some of the stems were exported at different lengths so I had to pull a few tracks back into time by eye. Other than these two problems I have found mixing this EP very easy as everything was pretty well recorded. I have been asked by the band to have the mix finished by the 20th of May, this will not be a problem and I should have the masters delivered before the 20th easily (this project has taken me 10 hours so far).


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