Producing The New Colossloth Album – 50 Hours

In December of 2016, I was contacted by Andy Woolaston from the experimental noise project Colossloth. He explained that he was working on a new album and that he wanted to produce a song as a test to see how well we would work together. Also, he would have something to send to Cold Spring Records the record label that he is signed to. We tried to work out a schedule where he would be able to come into the Leicester College studios to work on the song. But he could not free up enough time to work when the studio was available. He did come up with the idea of sending me a zip file with all the samples for the song as well as a cue sheet. It would then be my job to assemble the samples into a song and then mix and master the song. I agreed that this would also be a good plan and we then discussed how much it would cost for me to produce the album.

I decided as I would essentially just be mixing and mastering the album that I could only charge £110 for the album. Andy agreed to this cost and he suggested that he could send me £10 every time he sent a new song’s worth of samples. Once all the details had been agreed on Andy sent me a zip file with the samples to create the first song and the cue sheet for the arrangement. Once I had finished arranging the samples according to the information provided on the cue sheet I began to mix the song. I decided that the best way to mix the song would be to create a summing folder of all the tracks in reaper.

I would then use a top downmixing technique to EQ and compress all the tracks together. I then added several bus tracks this consisted of a reverb bus, a delay bus, and a distortion bus. Once I arranged mixed and mastered the track I sent it back to Andy to see if he was happy with what I did. He told me that he was very happy with what I did and he also added that the label had given the new album the green light.


A Meeting On The Last Train Home

Not long after I finished the first song I had a gig in Nottingham and when I got to the train station to catch the last train home and ended up bumping Into Andy who was also catching the train back to Leicester. This was lucky as I wanted to talk with him face to face about the approach to the production of the album. Andy told me about how the first album was produced he told me that the first album was produced by an EDM producer. He went on to explain that he wanted this album to sound more harsh and aggressive than the previous album and EPs that he has done thus far. What I gathered from this meeting is that the album needs to sound like organised chaos and be as abrasive as possible.


Continuing the album

Throughout 2017 I have been continuing to work on the album, at this point, the album is almost finished. All I need to do now is just finish the final song for the album and then deliver it to Andy. I will then make any changes that he feels need to be made to any of the tracks. I don’t think this will happen as Andy has said that he likes all the mixes that I have done so far. So I am not worried about him wanting to make changes to the mixes when the album is finished.


Seeing Colossloth Live

On Saturday, the 6th of may I went to see Colossloth play a gig at firebug Andy told me before the gig that he would be playing songs from the new album. I was very happy with how the album sounded through a PA, is sounded abrasive and harsh also the bass sounded massive and I could feel it in my chest.

I plan on having the album completed and delivered to Andy by the 20th of May this project has taken me 50 Hours so far.


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