Final Blog Post

Final Blog Post This final blog post for work based learning will be summing up what I have learned over the work based learning project and what I plan on doing in the future. What Have I Learned Throughout the work based learning project, I set myself some of the following goals. Get Better at [...]


Performance Review

Performance Review Preparing for the performance on the day I and Aaron decided to arrive at the venue for 3:30 pm this was decided so that we would be half an hour early. Once I had arrived I began to look for all the equipment that myself and Aaron would be using. This was so [...]

Final Performance Blog Post

Planning The Performance When it came to planning the performance myself and Aaron talked about doing our performances on the stage at the Sue Townsend theatre. Rather than on the landing with everyone else this was because we would be able to have the sound go through the PA and it would feel more like [...]