Interviews For Research

I have been conducting interviews as part of the research I am doing for my dissertation. To make the interviews easier for the interviewees I came up with a new method of conducting them. This method is to record the questions and then send the interviewee an audio file that they can listen to and [...]


Research week 5

today we talked about citing and listing references, we then went on to talk about why you will need to do this property to gain a good grade as a result. next we went on to talk about structuring our dissertation and what we need to avoid doing for example waffle. the title for my [...]

Research subject two

For my second subject I decided that i will be looking in to the loudness war. This subject could also be used within my first subject as well. As new technology has progressed so has the loudness war. The a question that could be asked is, has the progression in tech adversely effected the dynamics in music. [...]

Research – Lesson 1

In this lesson we discussed what a dissertation is, we then went on the discuss what topics we where each thinking of doing for our dissertations. We then talked about how to go about writing one, The topic I have been planning on doing for my dissertation is how has technology effected the production and recording [...]